Software Configurations.

  1. Launch the InventoryPlus application.
  2. Open provided Restaurant database. You can download from here
  3. Open the database using open company.
  4. Goto Waiters from main menu and create all available Waiter
  5. Goto Locations from Settings -> Company Data -> General settings and create all available tables.


    1. Create all tables available in restaurant.
    2. Option "Visible to all" selection will display table to all waiter, If waiter selected and Visible to all option is not selected then table visible to only selected waiter.

  1. Goto Users and create all waiter login credentials and select the table responsible for taking the order.
  2. Goto Products and click on "Manage Category" to create different type of kitchen like Main Kitchen, Juice junction etc,. Map printer and printing template for each category

    1. Create all available department and map to each products.
    2. When order saved by Waiter, order will be printed at selected printer and template
    3. Note is useful while taking order. entering 2 character will display all available matching lists. Waiter can pick any one options.  
    4. Include All Items option is useful when printing bill include other category items as well. If this is not selected then juice junction receipt will print only item mapped to this category. If this option is selected then receipt will contact all items available in order.